Pests That Affect Linden Trees

LINCOLN,-Neb. In our weekly backyard segment, we hear from local experts on topics of interest to our backyard spaces. In this week's segment, we hear from Randy Wolf with Campbell's Nurseries and Garden Centers about a couple of pests that you might be seeing in your trees this summer.

The first one is the spittlebug, and it loves to show up in local linden trees. "You'll notice this white foamy material on some flowers and leaves," Randy said. "This is the residue from an insect called the spittlebug." In an interview with Pure Nebraska, Randy said the problem is not really a problem, and doesn't affect linden trees enough to worry about it. Randy says the problem will go away in time.

Randy says the other problem is the japanese beetle. Linden trees are one of the beetle's favorite trees. The pest will feed on the leaves of trees, but leave the veins of the leaves. That can leave a tree injured. The japanese beetle is 3/8" long, with metallic green around the head, and the wings are light brown. Randy says you can control the beetle with common insecticides. However, you may not need to do much if you seen them in your trees. "In a number of cases control is not necessary. Established trees that have been in the landscape ten years or longer probably won't need any control," Randy said. However he suggests trying to control japanese beetles in trees that are still trying to get established.