Plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia

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MEDELLIN, Colombia (CBS) -- Heavy rains temporarily suspended rescue efforts in Colombia Tuesday morning where crews are sifting through the site of a deadly plane crash outside the country's second largest city Monday night.

The charter jetliner, carrying 81 people, went down shortly before midnight -- killing 76 people on-board. The death toll includes members of a Brazilian soccer team.

Rescue crews in Colombia worked in the dark early Tuesday morning using flashlights to find survivors at the site of the fatal crash.

The charter jetliner had stopped in Santa Cruz, Bolivia shortly before taking off for Medellin, Colombia Monday night.

Aviation authorities say it crashed in a mountainous area outside the city. The flight's crew declared an electrical emergency shortly before the incident.

Several survivors were immediately rushed to a Colombian hospital with injuries. At least five of them survived.

A civil aviation official says many of the passengers who died were members of a Brazilian soccer team. The team was scheduled to play in a major regional tournament in Colombia Wednesday.

It's unclear what caused the crash. Authorities are looking into whether heavy rain and thunderstorm in Colombia at the time may have played a role.

Rescue efforts are set to resume Wednesday morning.