Sand Sculptures at Lake McConaughy

LAKE MCCONAUGHY, Neb.- The annual "Kites and Castles" event just celebrated its 28th year, and the event held at Lake McConaughy shows no signs of slowing down. Every year, experts come to the white, sandy beaches of Lake McConaughy to show their skills in making sculptures out of sand. Not only did sand sculpture building take place, but kids were able to build kites, and there was also a boat parade.

Sand sculptors usually come around 9 a.m. to start prepping the sand, and then they start making their creations around Noon. "It's an art work," Ogallala and Keith County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Penny Metheny said. "They can use rough shapes like a box to form a head, but they are supposed to be natural formations that they make with their hands," Penny said.

The sand around Lake McConaughy is good for sand sculptures as the lake is located in the Sandhills, and there are plenty of white sand beaches. This event is usually held at the swimming beach at Martin Bay. The sand sculptors do come from other states, and they come with a new idea every year.

Some of the sculptures included an igloo, a polar bear, and a solar eclipse. If you want to know more about this event for next year, go to or