Scammers posing as local mediation center during call

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LINCOLN, Neb. — It seems like a new phone scam pops up every day.

Now, police say these scammers are posing as a local organization to get personal information from people in Lincoln.

The Lincoln Mediation Center is a non-profit organization that helps resolve conflict.

On a daily basis, they deal with issues from divorce, to work place issues.

But over the last week, they've had to deal with some conflicts of their own.

The center has received numerous calls from disgruntled people complaining of getting disrespectful solicitation from the organization.

After looking into the situation, it was discovered scammers are using a Florida phone number to contact people in the Capital City claiming to be the Lincoln Mediation Center.

The callers have been pressuring people to turn over their social security numbers and other information, threatening to foreclose on homes and targeting their children.

"We started getting calls of complaints of how we were treating people. So they were saying that they got calls from something called the Lincoln Mediation., and that in some way they were trying to get personal info, social security numbers, to try and get payment, Executive Director of the Lincoln Mediation Center Casey Karges said. “We're trying get people to resolve a more peaceful way of resolution. So we would not be threatening people for their homes or children or pets. That would not happen."

One individual did turn over their information and is currently working with police to try and prevent identity theft.

Authorities say that if you receive a similar call, hang up and contact the Attorney General's office to report the incident.

The mediation center also stressed that their customer database is untouched and that the scam calls are being made on a random basis.