The Tastes of the Nebraska State Fair

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - When it comes to fair food, the richer the better, even if it means clogged arteries.

"It's something you can't have everyday. You wouldn't look good if you had a funnel cake everyday," said Stacy Baillie, who visited the fair from Broken Bow.

King's Funnel Cakes and More has been a staple at the fair for 39 years. Sue and Mike King make it a vacation of sorts. Bringing friends and family down to help work the booth.

"It's fun. We have some really good help. We wouldn't be able to do it, if we didn't have good help. If it wasn't fun anymore, we'd quit doing it," said King.

What makes it so fun is the new items Sue comes up with each year and the old faces she and her husband get to see again.

"You develop a friendship and a repore with all of your customers, so it's kind of, being from Nebraska, we kind of hone in on home-grown type stuff."

Over at Cactus Jacks, the line is always long. Its newest dish, the Redneck Rueben, is not only the best new food at the fair, it's also their most popular item.

"It's been a hit. I kind of knew it would be, but I didn't think it would be this big of a hit. It's actually leading all sales right now in all of our items, so that's pretty rare for a new burger to launch that hard," said Jeff Leo, Cactus Jack Owner.

Leo also tries to bring something new to the table and is already planning for next year.

"We've got a surprise next year. We're going to bring a big surprise to the show. We're going to do this whole little parking lot that we've got going on here and make a super-kitchen," said Jeff Leo.

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