Traffic Patrol steps up presence near schools

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- LPD is gearing up for the first weeks of school by enforcing speed limits and school zones. They said the main purpose is to keep kids safe when the first day starts on Monday.

School is only three days away and just like the students, Lincoln Police are getting ready too.

"With school starting soon the traffic unit will be doing enforcement around the schools. That will run from August 21st to September 8th," said Angela Sands with the Lincoln Police Department.

Police said the main reason is for kids and their safety.

"This is just to remind people that in the area of schools we have a lot of people, a lot of children. Children can be unpredictable, run in to traffic. So what we want to do is educate drivers and remind them to slow down," said Sands.

There's more than 50 schools in the Lincoln Public School district alone, and most of them have school zones or reduced speeds. If you don't obey the signs LPD said the find will double.

"I know nobody wants to get a ticket we've all gotten them, but it's important that drivers understand that the increase in speed is a big deal and that increases the risk of an accident," said Sands.

Police said even if you aren't right by a school that traffic during school hours will be heavier almost every where in town, so watch your speed regardless.

"So lets all just be a little bit more aware. Put the phones down, don't mess withe radio,and be especially careful if there's schools you're driving by," said Sands.

Also, it's good to know when a school zone is a full time school zone or one that just occurs the hour before school and the hour after. Either way they said come Monday be watching for kids.