Two moms, two charities, one goal: Fight pediatric brain cancer

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Two moms in Lincoln have gone through a parents worst nightmare, losing a child to cancer. But these two moms are now using their experiences to bring awareness and help fight pediatric cancer.

One of those mom's, Leah Carrera, has started the foundation Gigi's Infinity House. Saturday evening she held an open house for a newly remodeled home in Lincoln.

Saturday evening with a preview night, and Sunday will be a longer event open to the public. Contractors and designers will be at the home to mingle and give home information.

All ticket proceeds go to Gigi's foundation. Gigi was a vibrant 7-year-old who passed away from brain cancer. Her mom is now on a mission to make sure other parents don't go through what she did.

"It really made me focus on, when I was in those desperate moments what I was really lacking. What I felt was missing. There is no bridge between one point and the other with pediatrics," said Carrera.

She said Gigi's compassionate spirit inspired her to start an advocacy center. It would be a connection for families to resources, but also a safe place for them to go.

"When you're in it, you feel over whelmed and you don't know if you're making stuff up or not. So that's really the biggest thing, is we want to be you're support system and hold your hand through the entire process and journey," said Carrera.

Carrera got started with her foundation with support from Liz Chambers. A mom who could relate to her heartbreak.

"We kind of went through the same thing that they went through and we're like we know exactly what you're going through... don't feel like you're alone," said Chambers.

Liz's son,Tyson, passed away in 2012, also from brain cancer. She's started a foundation in Lincoln to donate toys to children in hospitals.

"To us doing this is kind of our way of showing how Tyson was," said Chambers.

On Saturday her charity held a golf tournament to raise money for the toys. Both of the mothers thank the Team Jack Foundation for bringing them and other families who deal with tragic situations like this together.

"People have you're back like when you're starting up a nonprofit. That is really huge, and they have been our number one supporters, our team jack family, because they get it," said Carrera.

10/11 spoke to Andy Hoffman, the founder of Team Jack and he said these moms are an inspiration to him. All three of the parents will be at the Uplifting Athletes 5k Sunday morning. A big event to help raise awareness and fight pediatric brain cancer.