Woods Tennis Center opens new courts to state tennis

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A new-look Woods Tennis Center is now open and ready for competition.

The brand new courts at Woods Tennis Center are hosting matches for the state tennis tournament, this comes after a major renovation project that cost $6.3 million.

Thursday's state tournament tennis players were some of the first to experience the new Lincoln courts.

"My first reaction when I saw this new facility was that I've never player indoors before, and it's just something really cool," said 17-year-old tennis player Allison Baker.

But the new courts are not just for big tournaments, the executive director of Woods said the multi-million dollar upgrades will help grow the sport throughout the entire community.

"This gives us a long-term home, the bubbles were meant to be temporary and with the build up of the programs over the years, we were really risking the future in continuing to grow the game of tennis," said executive director Kevin Heim.

As of Thursday, the new facility has six indoor and six outdoor courts, but once the bubble comes down, there will be 12 outdoor courts.