Campaign Touts Link Between Sugary Drinks & Obesity

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The Central District Health Department is asking you to rethink your drink!

During its campaign kickoff event on Thursday, the health department put out different drink bottles on tables and put the appropriate amount of sugar in each of the bottles.

The visual display is meant to show people just how much sugar is in that specific drink. The health department says by reducing access to sugary drinks it could help reduce the obesity epidemic.

"We are gearing the campaign towards the community, but kids play a huge part of it. They are our next generation. We look at work sites and our access to these drinks in work sites, we are looking at medical facilities and day-cares," said Ryan King Assistant Health Director, Central District Health Department.

Over 67% of people in our community are either overweight or obese according to King.

The Central District Health Department says a third of kids are currently at the increased risk and sugary drinks are a contributor to those numbers.