1,000,000 Pennies Collected in Kearney School Project

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Kearney, NE Imagine if you had $10,000 in spare change just sitting in the corner not being spent. For one classroom in Kearney, that's exactly what's happening.

Five years ago, Horizon Middle School 6th grade math teacher Kris Grassmeyer posed a question to her class: How big a box needs to be to hold exactly 1,000,000 pennies?

After tests and calculations, the class found a 1 cubic yard box would do the trick.

Since then, pennies continue to be added, creating a unique lesson for math students.

Grassmeyer said, "They learn how volume works, that volume is the space on the inside of something, how to calculate volume. We've even extended it on to how much weight is a million pennies, how much money is a million pennies, so there's a variety of different things that you can do to connect it."

Grassmeyer expects the box to be full by the end of the school year.

Then students and staff will each pick charities to split the $10,000 between.