10/11 Investigates: Deb Fischer Landsuit

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In the race for US Senate, you've no doubt seen the political ads playing out on T.V. time and time again across Nebraska.

Talking about the ones supporting Democrat Bob Kerrey, that slam Republican Deb Fischer over a lawsuit involving 104 acres of land several years ago.

Well, 1011 decided to get to dig into the lawsuit, and get to the core of it.

We recently went to Valentine and spoke with people on the streets there, some who sided with the Fischer's, and others who sided with the defendants in the suit, the Kimes and Snake Falls Ranch.

One person told us, "Well, it wasn't her land to begin with."

Another person, with an opposing point of view, said, 'There's no sense digging up old things."

In the end, as you may know, the judge in the 1995 case sided with the defendants, ruling in part, "The plaintiff's petition is dismissed. The defendants are the owners."

Fischer has launched her own ads, defending her side of things in how the lawsuit played out and how they sought legal clarification.

It's not clear what impact, if any, the issue will have on the election come Tuesday. But in Valentine, which 1011 visited just last week, there were many people on both sides of the issue, as evidenced in the aforementioned quotes from people we spoke with.

The suit is long over of course. Just last spring, the "Snake River Preservation Group" bought "Snake Falls Ranch Inc," which includes the 104 acres.

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