10/11 Weather Alert Day Issued for Potential for Severe Thunderstorms


Today is a 10/11 Weather Alert Day... we have the opportunity to see widespread severe storms in the afternoon and into the night for Nebraska on this Sunday. All weather threats are in play for this afternoon. This includes strong winds, large hail greater than 2", and a couple isolated tornadoes.

A very potent cold front is going to be pushing through the state for today. Things start out in Western Nebraska just an hour or so after the noon hour. While most of those storms won't be severe, the ingredients are there and we will be watching as soon as those begin popping up.

The larger potential for severe weather will be for Central and Eastern Nebraska. Heading into the evening a first batch of storms will fire up in North Central parts of the state and move east through Norfolk and Sioux City. Right behind will be another large set of storms.

That second group will begin near North Platte and push east. Those storms are forecast to come together into a line right around the Tri-Cities area around dinner time. After that the strong line will continue to move closer to Eastern Nebraska around sunset. The chance for strong-to-severe storms will extend from about 3pm all the way through midnight. There is about a 12 hour time slot for these storms to cause some damage, again, from about 3pm on Sunday to 3am on Monday.

Please be aware of the forecast and the current weather throughout the day. We encourage you to have a way to alert yourself of the weather at all times whether through phone apps or a weather radio. As a reminder, outdoor sirens are not meant to be relied on for those inside buildings.