10/11 Black History Celebration: Sen Tanya Cook

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Omaha Sen. Tanya Cook wears many hats. She's the owner of PR Consulting Firm, City Girl Communications. She is also the first of two African-American females elected to the State Legislature.

"I think it was absolutely an honor to be part of history, to indeed make history in our state," Cook said.

But She is no rookie when it comes to being to the political arena.
She volunteered for former New York City Mayor David Dinkins campaign. From there she worked with Senator Brenda Council's campaign. Cook later analyzed policy's and then went on to become the Director of Urban Affairs for then Governor Mike Johanns.

"I think I'm drawing on my experience to work for various candidates on all sides and to apply that in this role of representing District 13," she added.

A district Cook says she continues to work hard for. The First Term lawmaker says she works so hard, because at one time - African-Americans couldn't even vote.

"I saw it as a way to fulfill the hopes and dream of those who came before me...," The Senator added.

And for those who come after Cook - she has these words of advice.

"Follow your heart and your solar plexus and pursue your interest. Follow someone you think is doing what you want to do," Cook concluded.

Cook said after she retires - she would like to write a "How To" book on running for political office.