December Open Scheduled for Lincoln's New Child Advocacy Center

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Construction for Lincoln's new Child Advocacy Center should be completed by December.

The center's executive director says plans are on track and on budget.

The Child Advocacy Center, which opened in 1998, serves children who've been sexually and physically abused.

Right now the center operates out of a small yellow house in Antelope Park.

By December, children will have a new, 15,000 square foot safe haven. Construction on the project started in April.

The walls are up, most of the windows are in and the building that was once just a concept is now taking shape.

Construction crews are working on the roof and finishing up siding. Inside, there's still a lot of work to be done.

Private and public donations, both big and small are funding the $2.5 million dollar project on the corner of 51st and Garland Streets. Larry the Cable Guy's "Git R Done" foundation donated $1 million.

The center's executive director, Lynn Ayers, says the extra space is desperately needed.

"I went back and looked and for the first half of this year, we've served as many children as we did in all of 2005," said Ayers.

Ayers says the new house is five times the size of the CAC's current location. Lincoln's Brester Construction is building the new facility.

With the exterior shaping up, Ayers says the inside of the new building is where the real work waits.

And, the center is asking for your help.

You can help make the home feel like home for the children who visit. The center is registered for gifts at five stores, including Target and Toys "R" Us.