Git-R-Done Foundation Continues to Give Back

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For the past two years, Nebraska's own celebrity, Dan Whitney, has been giving back.

Known in the entertainment industry as Larry the Cable Guy, Whitney prides himself on having the best fans, who through the Git-R-Done Foundation, help him support local causes.

On stage, Larry the Cable Guy sends his audience into a laughing frenzy, with his celebrity status and jokes.

Off stage, the real guy behind the scenes is a Nebraska native, who has stayed true to his roots, especially as the founder of the Git-R-Done Foundation.

"You go through stuff, and you just kind of read stories, and they all touch you in certain ways, but you try to find ones that benefit the most people. When you're giving to an organization, you're trying to find things that you feel strongly about, but it reaches a lot of people," said Whitney.

In its first two years, the foundation has given more than $2 Million to the Nebraska community, through checks to the new Child Advocacy Center building, and a new children's wing at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

"I actually had a friend of mine, who just had to put somebody into the new wing that they are putting into Madonna. He called me up and said he thought he'd never have to use it, but we had to use it, everything's fine, but he said it was unbelievable that it's there. So, it's really cool that it's already starting to pay dividends," said Whitney.

Whitney said he cannot take all the credit.

"The Git-R-Done Foundation is really my fans. That's basically what it is. That's why I started it. I couldn't have started it if I didn't have fans who buy tickets to come to my shows," said Whitney.

He hopes to take his fans into the future, as he continues to Git-R-Done, when it comes to those less fortunate and in need.

"I enjoy it, so Git-R-Done," said Whitney.

In October, the Git-R-Done Foundation will be sponsoring the Joke and Jock Halloween Party in Omaha with former Husker Grant Wistrom.