Sniffing Out Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs have moved in to Nebraska.

A bug detection expert says Omaha and Grand Island are seeing the most cases. But Lincoln is seeing its fair share of infestation in hotels, apartments, dormitories and shelters.

James Pelowski and Spots, a Rat Terrier are keeping busy sniffing for bed bugs.
Pelowski's company, K-9 Bed Bug Detection is the first and only bed bug detecting team in the state.

Spots was trained at Iron Hearts Training Academy in Kansas City -- the same school that trains Midwestern drug dogs and federal bomb dogs.

Pelowski said a human is 35% accurate at detecting bed bugs. His dog is about 90% accurate.

"When humans come in they have to physically disassemble the mattresses, headboards, take drawers out , each item of clothing. My dog can go right beside it and detect if there's any bed bugs down to one bug," said Pelowski.

He says it also saves large extermination bills if you can detect the infestation quickly.

It will cost 10 cents a square foot for the detection service. Which for an average house could cost up to 175 dollars.

Treatment could cost from $2,000 to $5,000 for the average home.

If you have bites and suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, there are some things you can look out for.

If your sheets have red blood spots or black spots that look like pepper, then there is a good chance you have bed bugs.

You should lift up your mattress for the bugs. Also they like to live in the creases of couches or chairs. Pelowski said some have even been found in alarm clocks.

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