Lance's Journal: The Cheesiest Club in Nebraska, Sept. 27

Miranda McQuillan takes pride in the fact that she's one of the cheesiest people you'll ever want to meet.

Studying in France 12 years ago really lit the fire underneath her melting pot.

Now, to better share her love of cheese with the masses she's created a one-of-a-kind cheese club.

Miranda feels very strongly about her favorite food, "This is really my passion. It's so silly to get excited about cutting open a wheel of cheese but look at this, look how good this is, it's the most beautiful moment, that cheese is just what it's supposed to be like right when you cut a wheel open."

Miranda turned her passion into a club that celebrates what she calls the frosting of food, "We get together, we talk about cheese, we eat cheese and we change ideas about it and stories and it's not cheesy you know, it is very engaging, it is very like knowledge based."

If Miranda has learned one thing behind the counter at Baker's Supermarket it's quite simply, "Cheese makes people happy. It really does. You can't believe how excited they get when I have samples out."

Miranda's vast knowledge of all things cheese has thoroughly impressed club member Danny Bruegman, "She knows everything about cheese. Different molds, stuff I don't want to know about cheese, everything, all sorts of stuff.

Miranda's cheese club meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. They get together in the Baker's Supermarket at 132nd and Maple in Omaha.

But if you can't make it to her club, Miranda would like to help you start one of your own.

To reach Miranda call her at (402) 496-9200 or write her at