Update: 11th Annual Walk for the Animals Raises Over $34,000

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The funds have been counted and the Central Nebraska Humane Society raised $34,455 at Saturday's Walk for the Animals.

The walk began at Pier Park Saturday morning. People could walk their own dogs, or take dogs up for adoption on a 1.5 or 3 mile walk.

Executive Director Laurie Dethloff says the money will help the Humane Society as the amount of care they are needing to provide is becoming increasingly expensive.

The Humane Society sees thousands of animals every year, but the care they need to provide is becoming more expensive.

"We serve over 2,400 animals a year and our cases are getting more expensive and so that's very important to have a broader opportunity to serve the health needs especially of these animals," said Laurie Dethloff, the Executive Director of the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

Many people participating in the walk raised pledge money to give to the Humane Society to try to help out.

"I like to help them because they don't have a home and help them find a home and take care of them," said McKenzie Douglass of Grand Island who raised $100, the most of all High School students.

Kathy Reeves of Doniphan who raised $1,150, the most of all walkers, added, "A lot of people can't take care of their animals and they give them back to the Humane Society and they need all the help they can get to take care of them and pass them on to other families."

And for some this adds to the regular help they give the Humane Society.

"I always go there and volunteer and I like playing with the cats and dogs," said Susie Wren of Grand Island who raised $50.

But Saturday's walk wasn't just about raising money.

Dethloff said, "Our adoptable dogs get to come out, people get to meet them so we're hoping that we'll get some of those adopted. It's also an opportunity to showcase Grand Island's hike & bike trail, the parks that we have."

And it gave people who already own pets a chance to get out and have a nice walk with other pet owners.

"You get to meet people that are interested in animals, being outside and just enjoying what it is to be a responsible animal owner," said Dethloff.