12/12/12 Is Memorable Around Lincoln

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Twenty babies were born in Lincoln on 12/12/12.

For one, there is a special bond between newborn and mother.

Heather Albertson gave birth to Adalynn Dianne Dirksneider at Byran East.

She looks forward to telling her daughter about the numerical birth date similarities that they share.

"It's exciting. I am an 11-11 baby so we kind of share a bond."

Baby Adalynn weighed in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces.

As Adalynn enters the world, Chris and Deborah Huber enter matrimony at noon. The service took place at The Isles Pub and Pizza in the Havlock area.

They have been together for 12 years and they were married at precisely noon.

"It's like a dream and I'm not waking up from it," said Chis Huber.

"I know that I am marrying the man of my life and I love him with all my heart," said Deborah Huber.

Irving Middle School was well represented on 12/12/12. Two students turned 12. Catherin Wedin plans a weekend birthday party.

"We are going rock climbing and we will sleep over at my place" said Wedin.

Daisy De La Luz Cruz is her classmate. She turns 12 as well.

"My favorite number is twelve,' said Daisy.

Wedin said her favorite quantity is a dozen and her favorite NFL player is Tom Brady who wears number 12 for the New England Patriots.

De La Luz Cruz, however said her favorite NFL player is Andrew Luck who wears number 12 for the Indianapolis Colts.

Across town at the First Plymouth Congregational Church there was a group meditation for world peace.

"It's an opportunity to join our hearts together in a prayer for peace and love and harmony," said Reverend Barb Smisek.