15 Vehicles Broken Into at UNL Overnight

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Students who use University of Nebraska, Lincoln parking lots should be mindful of what they leave in their vehicles following more than a dozen break-ins early Wednesday Morning.

UNL Police say at around 2 a.m., 15 vehicles were broken into at two UNL parking lots, one on S. Street between Vine and 19th streets, the other near 22nd and U Street.

"The majority were the suspects broke the side window, shattered the side window, rummaged through the vehicles," said Sgt. Jerry Plessel. "In some cases they just riffled through the vehicle looking for possessions."

Plessel says cell phones, iPods, cash, and other valuables were taken because they were in the open.

"If they see those valuables in the open, they're going to take that opportunity to break the window and get into your vehicle and steal those items," said Plessel. "So we ask that they take those items with them back to the resident hall or to the building that they're working in."

UNL Police say they have surveillance video of the parking lots were the break-ins happened. The investigation is ongoing.