1868 Foundation Holds Biggest Fundraiser for State Fair Future

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- As the Nebraska State Fair comes closer, the fair is looking to raise money to make the fair even better in future years.

That's where the 1868 Foundation and the Blue Ribbon Roll Out come in.

Foundation organizers say this is their biggest fundraiser of the year and this is the biggest one yet, in it's 10th year.

With more sponsors, food vendors, and hopefully people, the Foundation was hoping to raise $40,000 Saturday, which would be a new record.

All to benefit the State Fair.

"We raise money for improvements to the fairgrounds which sometimes happens to be for issues that aren't specifically for the fair, like we raised money to air condition the Fonner Concourse last year, that's home to thousands of exhibits during the State Fair and it also represents Fonner and the city as they can now host other events and bring more into the community," said Lindsey Koepke, the Executive Director of the 1868 Foundation.

If you would like to help the Foundation, click the link to their website.