2 Men from Boston Walk from Omaha to Seattle

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Over 1,700 miles - that's the distance from Omaha to Seattle, WA according to Google Maps.

To drive it would take 25 hours. But two men from Boston are choosing to walk it.

Jesse Smith and Ryan Brum began their five month trek on April 8 when they arrived in Omaha, a strategically chosen point after the full Boston to Seattle walk was deemed impossible.

"It was kind of the half way point and we didn't really have the money or the time to do the whole walk, because we were supposed to be starting from Boston, so Omaha seemed like a good halfway point," said Brum

The Boston natives said they're enjoying a scenic look to the country they're not used to.

"I've never been to a farm, I've never been to cornfields so seeing vast openness is just really exciting instead of buildings at every corner, lights everywhere. The view at night is amazing," said Brum.

Smith added, "I have asthma so definitely coming out here the air is really fresh, easy to breathe, and just the scenes, the open expanse, like Ryan was saying, just amazing."

And it's the small town areas that are they're favorite.

"Definitely being in Lincoln was a little reminiscent of Boston, but definitely the rural area, said Smith. "I mean it was cool to see the whole metropolitan sprawl. When we started in Omaha, coming out a downtown, going through the suburbs and then coming out into rural country was just really awesome, just the whole expanse of it was really cool."

But it's not just the landscape that is a culture shock to the two band mates.

"The people are a lot friendlier, people are really interested in what we're doing," said Brum.

In fact the worker at Susan's Books and Gifts in Aurora let them have some reading material for free. But that's not always the case as they have a $7,000 budget to spend on food and housing when they're not camping out.

"When we have to shower, wash out clothes, or if there's a storm, we'll stay at a hotel or a motel. Whatever we can afford, whatever we find," said Brum of the rare times they don't camp out.

Smith said of their food option, "Definitely just cheap calories and carbs and protein, and fast food, a lot of fast food. A lot of cheap greasy food because, man you crave it when you're walking for miles a day."

To follow Ryan and Jesse on their walk, click the link to their blog.