Update: Two 200 Pound, Concrete Lion Statues Stolen

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Lancaster County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for a pair of concrete lion statues and the person who stole it.

Sheriff Terry Wagner says the first statue went missing sometime between November 20th and the 25th from a house in Prairie Home on North 149th Street.

Then, overnight Sunday, the second lion statue was taken.

Each statue weighs 200 pounds and is two feet tall.

The owner, who did not want to be identified, says the statues have been in front of his house for 23 years.

"They were just a nice piece of decoration. It's kind of a funny feeling because I would have never sold them," the owner said. "It's disappointing. I wouldn't have thought... I thought we were safe out here in the country."

The owner tried to move one of the statues after the first was taken, but it was too heavy.

He believes the first statue was stole while he was on a bike ride and the second when he was working just feet away.

"It makes me ask a lot of questions, and of course it's Christmas time, so you ask, how could somebody steal something at Christmas time," he said.

The owner reported finding a note on his truck about a month before the lions disappeared.

Deputies are looking into that, but are also looking for any leads.

Call Crimestoppers with any information.