PETA Hosts Booth at State Fair

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Grand Island, NE The state fair hosts hundreds of vendor booths each year, and there's a new one with a strong message for Nebraskans.

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, came to the Nebraska State Fair to raise awareness about dairy cows.

They passed out literature, allowed people to spin the Wheel of Torture, and watched a graphic Casey Affleck expose on dehorning.

"Most people are shocked to learn that cows on factory farms are kept in small confined spaces and unnatural settings but instead of improving conditions, these farmers cutting off their horns and the surrounding tissue, they're pouring cos-tic chemicals on them to eat them away or they burn them out with searing hot irons and these are all done without pain killers," said Matt Bruce, one of the PETA campaigners at the booth.

However, dairy farmers at the fair say their cows are not mistreated like that.

Terry Imig, a Nebraska dairy farmer said, "Dairy cows are well treated because if they weren't well treated they wouldn't give any milk. Cows that are rough handled don't give nearly as much milk as cows that are well fed and cared for and treated properly."

PETA said they had seen the cows at the fair and claim that the cows look nice now, but they may be show cows or made to look nice for the fair.

Imig said, "I'd say that's hogwash. The cows that are at the shows, at least from Nebraska anyway, go home and milk like all the rest of the cows do."

The group also said they want to help people because dairy milk can be harmful to consumers.

"Dairy milk is linked to everything from acne and allergies to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. We encourage people to do the right thing for animals, do the right thing for their health and the environment by stopping consuming dairy and animal products," said Bruce.

Through the weekend, PETA had received mostly positive feedback at the fair and said that a majority of people with issues choose not to speak to them.