Family Raises Awareness on Rare Disease Day

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Avery Bair is a 2 year old girl with a love for books, but Avery suffers from a relatively unknown disease called Prader-Willi Syndrome.

A disease which causes her to constantly obsess about food, giving her cravings that continue to get worse.

"At some point Avery will develop and insatiable appetite that she will not be able to control," said Avery's Mother Traci Bair.

With February 28th being Rare Disease Day, Traci wants people to know of the struggles Avery and other people with rare diseases battle through each and every day.

"I want to be Avery's advocate, I want to make sure all the services are in place for her, I want to make sure she has a long, healthy life," said Bair.

Thanks to years of therapy and numerous medical appointments, little Avery has received the treatment she needs to live a healthy, balanced life.

"I can say today at almost two and a half years old she is thriving," said Bair.

Traci says that she feels every family is given a special needs child for a reason and that Avery's struggles have led to her making some healthier changes in her life as well.

"I want to exercise for the first time, I want to eat better, I want to change my life and have a long life with my children," said Bair.