Update: Missing Teens Found in Florida

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln Police tell 1011 News, Rachael Bates and Samantha Zuerlein have been located in Titusville, Florida.

According to LPD Captain David Beggs, the girls were sleeping in the 1997 silver Lincoln Continental they were last seen in, when Titusville police found the girls in a Walmart parking lot.

Captain Beggs said the girls were taken into custody, and appear to be healthy. He also said LPD is working with authorities to get the girls back to Lincoln.

The teen girls are being held by Titusville Police for mental health reasons, and will be kept in custody until they are transported back.

The families of Rachael Bates and Samantha Zuerlein offered a $1,000 reward for information leading directly to the safe return of the girls.

Police had reports of a sighting of the girls getting gas at a gas station in Falls City. According to police, the two girls knew each other and left together.

Officers said 16-year-old Racheal Bates was last seen March 9, 2014. She was described as 4' 8" tall, 140 pounds with green highlights in her hair and bangs. Police also described the cuts and scars on her arms.

LPD said 16-year-old Samantha Zuerlein went missing March 15, 2014. She was described at 5' 6" tall, 245 pounds and with scars on her arm, thighs and a fusion scar on her lower back.