Lance's Journal: Traubel's Popcorn Stand Returns, May 5, 2014

I've found that one of the quickest ways to a person's heart is through their stomach.

John Traubel must have thought the same thing, because he started a popcorn stand in 1937 that tempted taste buds in downtown Beatrice for a half a century.

The original popcorn stand is now located in the Gage County museum. But a shiny brand new replica of the original structure is now located on the corner of 5th and Court Streets.

Last Thursday, Beatrice rejoiced as the present was officially linked to the past in downtown Beatrice and no one was happier than the man who spent hundred of hours replicating the original...Mark Setzer. Mark says, "Actually, as a kid, I grew up my entire life just 2 blocks south of here so when I was a young boy ridin' around on my bike I was very familiar with Traubel's Popcorn cause they were just up the street from us so I saw this 3 years ago in the Gage County Museum and knew it had to be reproduced."

Helping make this project become a reality was a new group called Community Possibilities.

Connie Hartig was the fund-raising coordinator that helped raise the $7,000 it took to create this stainless steel masterpiece, "It's very eventful and very exciting, long time coming. It's a joy, it's been truly a joy putting this project together.

Ruth Gustafson ran the stand for John Traubel for many of the years it was in existence, "People have said how much they enjoyed coming and seeing Ruth she drove a blue bicycle everyday so we have a replica of the old bicycle. She actually worked in no heat and no air conditioning so quite a trooper."

Nonprofit organizations will running the new stand and they'll be keep 70% of the money they make.

If you'd like to sign up your organization to work at the stand, call Debra Fiedler @ (402) 770-7483.

You can get some popcorn in Beatrice Monday Thur Saturday 11am to 6pm and Thursday night til 9pm.