Rodeo Clown Trains Kevin Sjuts

Imagine a 2,000-pound bull charging at you. Then taking a direct hit from the aggressive animal while inside a barrel. That's only the start of the ride for Justin Rumford, the rodeo clown of Nebraskaland Days. 
Rumford compares the excitement of his job to bungee jumping. Yes, excitement. Not fear. 
Rumford says he feels secure inside his 85-pound, bright yellow barrel. The exterior of the barrel is aircraft aluminum, the same material of a Boeing 747 jet. Rumford is confident his barrel will not dent.
It will flip and roll, which he experiences each night at the rodeo. Inside the barrel are handles Rumford must hold onto. He says he does yoga to stay limber and manage inside the barrel. 
A rodeo clown's role is to attract the bull away from a bucked cowboy, allowing him to return to safety. 
Rumford, who is also an entertainer during rodeos with his humorous commentary, has been a rodeo clown for 4 years. He is a 2-time PRCA Rodeo Clown of the Year.
Click on the video to see 10/11's Kevin Sjuts's attempt at being a rodeo clown (minus the bull).