30-Year-Old Pilger Feed Supply Business Gone

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Residents in Pilger get a firsthand look at what's left of their hometown.

Brody Mattson and his friend spent Tuesday morning going through what's left of the Mattson home, luckily the one thing he was looking for, his bowling ball, was safe and sound.

But other people in the town were not so lucky, many having nothing to recover.

Mattson was home when the reported tornado hit and describes the moment it touched down.

"It sounded like a giant pencil breaking and nails being ripped out of boards," said Mattson.

Jessica Oswald's Husband, Dan, owns Oswald Feed Supply in Pilger. Their 30-year-old business was destroyed in Monday's reported tornado.

Evil is how Jessica describes the tornado that tore through the town.

"It was a monster," said Oswald.

It's a monster Oswald said no one in the town saw coming.

"They're all kind of still in shock and awe about what happened here," Oswald said.

Oswald was in Wisner when the tornado hit, but her husband watched the destruction unfold.

"It's kind of devastating, but we're so thankful it wasn't a home that we lived in like many of the residents here. They have nothing left," said Oswald.

While the Oswald's feel lucky to still have their home, they say it's hard to imagine how those who lost everything must feel.

"It's very somber right now because there's not a lot they can do," Oswald said. "It''s just kind of picking what they can get to last through the night."

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the Oswald's, the key to their pickup truck used for hauling grain to other towns, was found in the rubble.

"I think he was just surprised and we all screamed and had kind of a little victory here."

While their truck may not bring back the business, the Oswald's say it's a start.