30th Cornhusker State Games Wrap Up

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The 30th Cornhusker State Games wrapped up Sunday.

Despite some scorching hot temperatures, this year's games brought in the most participants since 2001.

More than 13,000 amateur athletes took part in the 2014 games. Baseball was the most popular sport with more than 2,000 participating athletes.

This year's opening ceremony took place at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, and who could forget it was Jack Hoffman who lit the torch.

Crossfit made its way back into the CSG's this year, while the Gravel Grinder made its debut.

According to the Executive Director of the Nebraska Sports Council, Dave Mlnarik, this was a great stepping stone for next year's State Games of America.

"The guys and gals that were part of the operations team did a lot of work this year," he said. "For all practical purposes we were planning two years at once."

The State Games of America are coming to Nebraska next year. The opening ceremony will be at Memorial Stadium.

More than 30 states will be participating including North and South Dakota, two states that usually don't have the games but are welcomed by Nebraska.