36-Year-Old Fireworks Business Prepares for 4th of July

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The 4th of July is right around the corner and firework frenzy is already underway in Lancaster County as vendors get ready for the start of the legal selling season.

Curtis Schnase has sold fireworks for 36 years and for him the 4th of July is more than just a holiday, it's life.

"I actually started this business when I was 13-years-old on the front porch of my parents house just right across the street," said Schnase."After 5 years we moved to the family garage, and from the garage we were there until 2000 when we built the Davey Fireworks building.

A state employee by day, Schnase spends his spare time getting Davey Fireworks ready for the busy 10-day selling season...

"I basically take off a two weeks during the summer to operate this and get it ready for the season," said Schnase.

Schnase has spent the past two months stocking his shelves in anticipation for the 4th of July, but for him, it's more play than work.

"I've just grown up with fireworks, both of my parents loved fireworks when they were growing up, and it's just my blood," Schnase said. "It's become a business, a passion, and a hobby all in one."

Schnase says people from all across the state come to share that passion every year.

"I have a couple customers that drive in from Cozad and Lexington, and I have quite a few from Omaha now that come down," said Schnase.

While fireworks are a labor of love for the business owner, he always takes the time to remember the reason for the season.

"Fireworks have always been one of those items that we use to show our patriotism and we celebrate our independence," said Shnase.