Officials: Hindman Family Died of Unnatural Causes Unrelated to Fire

Tim and Toni Hindman
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Officials say a family of three found dead in their burning home near Ithaca in eastern Nebraska died of unnatural causes unrelated to the fire. Authorities believe the fire was intentionally set.

"We have received the preliminary autopsy reports on the Hindman family," said Scott Tingelhoff, Saunders County Attorney. "It appears all three of the individuals died of unnatural causes that were unrelated to the fire."

Officials say further tests are needed.

"We're still waiting on toxicology and carbon monoxide tests," said Tingelhoff. "Although the pathologist was able to confirm that carbon monoxide did not cause the death."

The bodies of Timothy and Toni Hindman, along with their 12-year-old daughter Ardena, were found Sunday around 11:00 a.m. in the rubble. Firefighters reportedly found the bodies in three separate rooms. Timothy and his daughter were in the bedroom, while Toni was found in the living-room area.

Authorities are treating the case as a criminal investigation although they are not actively pursuing any suspects.

"It appears to be an isolated incident," said Tingelhoff. "Law enforcement is not actively pursuing any additional suspects at this time."

"There's some additional evidence that needs to be acquired," said Tingelhoff. "Forensic evidence, toxicology, carbon monoxide, so the investigators can put the pieces together the best they can. We do have some major pieces missing at this time."

Missing pieces that will solve the case, but won't bring the Hindman family back.

"We've lost a very wonderful family no matter how this plays out," said Tingelhoff. "Its tragic, I believe it's hopefully going to shed some light on maybe what happened for them, maybe answer some questions."

Authorities say they've received several tips from the public and are aware of many rumors circulating about the Hindman's cause of death.

"Unfortunately due to the investigations we're not able to dispel any rumors at this point," said Tingelhoff. "I know a lot of the rumors out there, most of them are not true."

Authorities say they know the family's manner of death, but they are not releasing that information at the request of investigators

"There's reasons investigators have asked that I hold back certain information that they feel is important before they finish their investigation," said Tingelhoff

The Hindman's moved into the spacious two-story, 3-acre Ithaca property last October. They previously resided in Lincoln. Timothy was the senior structures engineer at Duncan Aviation in Lincoln. A representative from the company said he had worked there since 2001 and will be missed.

Authorities say the Hindman's attended church service in Wahoo, Saturday night.

The Saunders County Attorney says the bodies of Tim, Toni and Ardena Hindman were found in the rubble of a suspicious fire at this home near Ithaca in eastern Nebraska.
Tim and Toni Hindman
Hindman Family Left to Right: Toni, Jessica, Tim, Ardena. Jessica died of cancer. The bodies of the other three were found in their home in the rubble of a fire.