3rd Grade Students Give to The People's City Mission

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It's been said "reading is fundamental", but for some Christ Lutheran School students, the fundamental goal is giving.

Cindy Johnson's third grade class, armed with 94 brand new books, donated them to the People's City Mission. "They don't really have much so peope are giving to them so they can read," said Emma Smith, third grade student.

"I like giving stuff to people when people need it a lot," added Dillon Murphy, third grade student.

When asked "what's the best part of this," Third grader Isaac Combs said. "Giving books to the People's City Mission so they can read books."

The books come from a grant their teacher wrote and received from Read Aloud Nebraska. "If you can read aloud to a child, you help their vocabulary development and it's just a good thing, so we wanted the People's City Mission to have books to be able to have that 20 minutes of read aloud," said Third Grade Teacher Cindy Johnson.

It's all part of Lutheran Schools week. They got lunch and a a tour of the mission in return.

"They have just gone out of their way to bring something that our kids are in desperate need of. Something they can do after school and at night when it's time to go to bed and wind down," said Will Hays of the People's City Mission.

Seventy one kids are staying at the mission tonight. They will wind down with a fresh bedtime story thanks to the new books.