400 Local Families Receive Food from Non-Profit Organizations

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Twenty-four volunteers from the Center for People in Need unloaded 18,000 pounds of food from a semi truck owned by the non-profit organization called "Feed The Children." They also handed the boxes to 400 pre-screened families who drove vehicles to the Center for People in Need to pick up the donations.

Theresa Martin is a volunteer and a past recipient of the food so she understands the need.

"It really helps this time of year, being low income, not knowing what you are going to do for Christmas," said Martin.

Four-hundred local families got a boost from the food. They are part of nearly a half million families who have been helped by Feed the Children since 2009.

Scott Krogh of Waverly needs the help.

"It's much appreciated what they do." said Krough. "It does help out especially when you don't have a whole lot to give out or to take in."

Deb Daily, who is the Director of the Center For People In Need, sees a growing concern among low income families.

"We are seeing more and more families from low income. It is really not improving right now," said Daily.

"We really appreciate it," said Elizabeth Sykes of Lincoln. "It is going to make a difference at Christmas. Every little bit counts for us.

"Everybody worries about the presents and people forget that there are still families that are hungry this time of year and it hits home a little bit harder for those families because they have to decide whether they are going to feed their families or give their kids gifts for Christmas," said Adrianna Hibler who volunteers at the facility.