Update Man Traps Kitten in Bong

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A Lancaster County man is in jail on drug charges and animal abuse after deputies found a kitten trapped in his marijuana pipe.

The kitten was taken to the Capitol Humane Society.

Bob Downey of the Capitol Humane Society says it's something he's never seen before.

"It amazes me what people think of to do with animals, it seems to be, once you think you've seen it all, you haven't heard it all," Downey said.

Here's how Lancaster County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bill Jarrett described what happened. Jarrett said it started when deputies were called to a home at 5700 Saltillo Road on a disturbance Sunday night.

When deputies arrived Jarrett said they talked with the owner of the home and his grandson, Acea Schomaker. Jarrett said Schomaker had a drug warrant for his arrest and when deputies went to his bedroom to arrest him they found him smoking marijuana through a homemade bong.

As they were arresting him Jarrett said the bong moved on its own. One of the deputies opened the 12 inch by 6 inch container and found a one year old kitten trapped inside. Jarrett said Schomaker told deputies the cat was out of control and he wanted to calm him down. Schomaker was arrested for the warrant, possession of marijuana and animal neglect/abuse.

Bob Downey with the Capital Humane Society said they're checking the kitten for lung damage. He said the kitten appears to be a little raspy, "but (it's) certainly a treatable condition and it won't prevent us from being able to find a new home for the cat once it becomes our property."

Downey says they'll work with the Lancaster County Sheriff's office, and Lancaster County Attorney, to get custody of the cat so it eventually can be adopted.