Update Storm Injures Five People

Severe weather near Bennett, Nebraska on Monday, March 23, 2009.
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Five injuries have been confirmed following the tornado-laden storm system that moved through eastern Nebraska yesterday.

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency spokesperson Logan Lueking says five people were in a car that was hit by debris from a storm-damaged building near Eagle.

According to relatives of those involved, the car was carrying two adults and three teenagers. The car was apparently swept off the roadway after being struck by debris from a nearby garage that was destroyed by high winds.

Relatives in Eagle say the driver of the vehicle, Raymound Nunnenkamp suffered neck and spine injuries. Terri Ehrhart, the other adult in the car had injuries to her face. Both Nunnenkamp and Ehrhart are listed in fair condition at Bryan LGH West. The three teens in the car were not seriously injured. They are all students at Waverly High School.

Lueking says there were no other reports of injuries or major damage in Nebraska, although information was still coming in late last night.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado did touch down near Eagle in western Cass County. Officials were out there on Tuesday to access the damage.