Johanns Considering Reducing Powers of Treasurer's Office

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Gov. Mike Johanns is thinking about proposing to the Legislature that the powers of the state treasurer's office be reduced.

Johanns says he might propose removing the duties of child support collection and disbursement from the treasurer's office.

Treasurer Lorelee Byrd pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor misuse of office charge last week.

The charge arose from an investigation into Byrd after she wrote $300,000 in checks for expenses under the child support program. She later voided the checks after the Legislature had finished it's budget-cutting earlier this year.

The child support program has been in the treasurer's office ever since the statewide system was created by the Legislature three years ago.

Johanns says one option would be to allow the state Health and Human Services System to determine who should run the program.

Byrd was not immediately available for comment Monday.

Johanns has asked Byrd to resign. She says she is thinking about it.