Unique Economic Development Effort Underway

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Lincoln businesses will be getting some unique holiday calls, asking for their help. These calls will be from some of their peers. Lincoln's Partnership for Economic Development, which is run by the Chamber of Commerce for the city, is asking business leaders to chip in financially themselves, and convince other businesses that Lincoln needs to invest more in economic development efforts.

Tuesday is their first day of public efforts. Business leaders from across the city spent the morning, gathered at the LPED offices to learn how this will work, and then to begin making calls.

"Our business has operated here for nearly 25 years," says Senior Technologies founder John Brash, "Its very important to me that the city continue to develop and be prosperous."

Lincoln usually spends $550,000 a year on economic development. That money includes everything from salaries for economic development employees to advertising. But Lincoln has been urged by consultants to boost that spending. The goal of this fund-raising by LPED is to eventually increase total spending to $900,000.