Jury Deliberating on Sandoval Sentencing

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A prosecutor says Jose Sandoval enjoyed killing people in a bank so much, that he smiled as the murders were happening.

Madison County Attorney Joe Smith also told jurors that Sandoval smiled for a police photographer hours after the Sept. 26, 2002 killings in a Norfolk bank.

The same jury that found Sandoval guilty last week of five counts of murder in the killings is considering whether his crimes merit death in the electric chair.

Smith argues that Sandoval's enjoyment of the killings contributed to them being especially cruel and heinous. And that, he says, is a requirement that makes Sandoval eligible for death.

Sandoval's attorney, Madison County Public Defender Harry Moore countered the photo only shows Sandoval was insensitive and "a little bit uncaring."

The jury was given the case Tuesday, after two hours of closing arguments and two days of testimony.