State Treasurer Byrd Resigns

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State Treasurer Lorelee Byrd resigned Tuesday afternoon after reaching a deal with Attorney General Jon Bruning.

Byrd plead guilty last week to one count of official misconduct. The conviction stems from more than $300,000 in checks written and then canceled without proper documentation.

Byrd resigned after Attorney General Jon Bruning agreed to have her sentencing hearing moved from Jan. 29 to Dec. 23.

"The judge has the opportunity to make any decision he wishes. Our recommendation is going to be for no jail time," said Bruning.

Gov. Mike Johanns said he is happy the matter will be resolved quickly.

"Now I have an opportunity to sit down with everybody who was involved in the investigation and get a sense of what is going on and I intend to fix that and I intend to take that responsibility seriously in picking the next state treasurer," said Johanns.

Byrd's resignation is effective Jan. 6.

Gov. Johanns said they will use the next month as a transition period.