46 Men and Women Graduate from Nebraska Law Enforcement Center

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Graduates of the 188th Basic Session were recognized Friday morning at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Center.

The 46 graduates have completed more than 634 hours of training over the past 16 weeks. All of the graduates have received job offers and will be working for police departments and sheriff's offices across Nebraska. The graduates say they are excited to start their dream job and serving the people of Nebraska.

"Part of the job I'm looking forward to most is being able to drive around and talk to people and being able to just see people on the street, and not have to think well I'm on the job right now I can't talk to them. You know, being able to that it is my job to communicate with them and be a part of the community," said Deputy Brett Schmidt, who will be working for the Fremont Police Department.

Deputy Schmidt also said he and his fellow graduates feel very proud and satisfied of all they were able to accomplish during their 16 weeks of intense training.