48 Hours Features Omaha Native Accused of Murder

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There’s a big Nebraska connection on Saturday's 48 Hours. Maureen Maher interviews Brian Randone and his parents of Omaha about the murder and torture of Randone's girlfriend, Felicia Tang. Randone is the primary suspect in her death.

Brian Randone grew up in South Omaha, attended the University of Nebraska for a couple of years before becoming a born-again Christian and leaving to attend bible school. He was a very vocal, self-professed Cornhusker fan and represented the state as “Mr. Nebraska” on Fox’s “Sexiest Bachelor in America Show” televised pageant. Eventually he’d make his way to Los Angeles where he began a relationship with model and aspiring actress, Felicia Tang (she appeared in Rush Hour 2, Fast and Furious, as well as a number of adult films). On Sept. 10, 2009, police were called to the couple’s LA apartment, where they found Felicia beaten to death. Brian was arrested and charged with murder and torture.

Prosecutors are confident they’ll secure a conviction, perhaps too confident. Brian’s story is that Felicia, a frequent abuser of the party drug GHB, had overdosed; and in terms of her battered body said he hadn’t inflicted those injuries – Felicia had done the fatal damage herself in a drug-induced frenzy. At trial, the prosecution, defense, and medical experts for both, will battle before conflicted jurors over the effects of GHB and the real cause of Felicia’s death. Maureen Maher has the story Saturday at 9 p.m. on CBS's 48 Hours.