Aurora Tornado Could Have Long Term Economic Impact

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The Aurora tornado touched down about 5 miles west of Aurora aorund 9:15 Wednesday night.

Although no major injuries have been reported, the tornado didn't pass through without an episode.

It knocked down several power poles, leaving most of the community without power.
Southern Power District Manager Leanne Doose says it expects to have power 100% restored by Friday.

The National Weather Service says the tornado hit the Pet Products Plant otherwise known as the Iams Pet Food Plant. Strong winds caused significant damage to it's warehouse and storage facility. The plant was already in the process of shipping it's product to other warehouses until it can fix any structural damage.

Corn fields were also torn apart by the strong winds.

Aurora's Mayor Marlin Seeman says the damage is still being assesed, but it's clear the storm will have long term effects.

"These are economic issues for farmers and losing part of their yeild will have an effect on them as well as losing personal property," Marlin said.

Last year in May, a tornado touched down southwest of Aurora damaging several farms and buildings.

Mayor Seeman says he is confident the community can pull through again.