50/50 Building To Help Parking, Housing Demands

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Lincoln, Neb. It's a building that is trying to accomplish two major problems in downtown Lincoln; housing and parking.

The 50/50 building is complete and ready for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students to move in.
This unique building is half parking and half student housing.

It's a first of its kind in Lincoln with the partnership between the city of Lincoln and UNL to build this complex.

The original plan was for UNL to put a parking garage in the lot but the city suggested housing would be a great option and this building combines the two.

475 student students will live in the 50/50 building plus it will hold 1,605 parking stalls.

The 10-floor complex includes a fitness center, lounge with a kitchen, courtyard and rooftop common areas. Each apartment comes with its own washer and dryer.

Vice President of developer America First Real Estate Dominic Vaccaro says this building hits two essentials for the students. "The convenience of having your parking and your housing in one structure where you can park your car on hop on an elevator without walking across campus I think is a real positive."

Right next to this 50/50 building are the Eastside Suites, they house over 500 UNL students opening this Fall.

"A lot of times the complaints have been where the parking located so this is nice so this will help tremendously," said UNL parking and transit director Dan Carpenter.

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman says this building hits another essential for the university. "If you're going to build enrollment, it's very competitive marketplace in higher education and while you would like students to make their decisions exclusively on the quality of the education they receive we know that housing, campus recreation and quality of life is just as important."

One UNL student, Alana Hernandez says she wishes she could live in the new apartments. "I wish I would have looked down there and saw because I think it would have been really cool."

The 50/50 building is partly privately funded so the apartment leases go through a private company, not UNL.

The rate for a standard 4 bedroom, 4 bath runs $635 a month per bedroom.

In total, this was a 50-million dollar project. All of the apartments are sold out already and students will be able to start moving in on Friday.