City Council Examines Safety Concerns for Students Who Walk to School

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The new school year starts in three weeks, which is causing major worries for Philip H. Schoo middle school students who will walk to and from the Fallbrook subdivision each day.

"Many kids from the Highlands will be going to school there," said John Spatz, the co-chair for the Lincoln City Council. "Unfortunately, to get to Fallbrook from the Highlands, they will have to cross Highway 34, which essentially is Interstate-180. There is a stoplight at, but that's it. It's essentially the interstate."

There are no sidewalks, and more importantly no pedestrian overpass to keep students safe as they cross the road.

"We're asking kids to cross the interstate to get to school which I think is unacceptable," said Spatz. "We're looking at alternatives build a pedestrian overpass across there."

The safety concern has caught the attention of the Lincoln City Council who is working on a proposal that could lead to an overpass being built.

"Hopefully there will be a proposal before the city council very soon," said Spatz. "The unfortunate piece is that this isn't going to be built by the beginning of school this year. We are going to have a meeting in the highlands area to discuss what options there are to get kids across this street to the new school."

While Spatz said this problem should have been addressed before the school was built, he is trying to fix it now.

"This probably should have been done years ago, but for whatever reason it didn't get done," Spatz said. "It's not time to make excuses or point fingers, at this point we just need to find out a solution to this."

So kids can safety get to and from school.

The City Council will discuss building the pedestrian overpass during an informal session next Monday. They expect to have the matter on the agenda within a few weeks. Spatz said it should cost around $3 million, but it depends on what model they choose.