Area Businesses Prepare for a Proposed Smoking Ban

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Smoking rooms may become the wave of the future here in the capitol city, after Lincoln's city council passed a tentative smoking ban during their last meeting.

Business in the capitol city have been preparing for the possibility of thousands of dollars in renovations to bring their establishments into compliance with the proposed ban.

Big John's Billiards says they won't comply with the ban if it is passed in its current form. General Manager Laurie Anderson says building a smoking room would cost around $100,000, a price the bar is unwilling to pay. She says they will force the city to shut them down before they will comply with the ban.

Big John's says they will ask the city to allow business to buy licenses so that customers can smoke in their building. They would have to pay a tax every year to keep the license and it could be revoked at anytime.

No word yet on whether the council will consider Big John's proposal.