Smoking Ban Vote Nears

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The Lincoln City Council will vote Monday on a plan that will require all businesses to build seperate ventilated smoking rooms.

Councilwoman Annette McRoy says she will not vote for the proposal. She says the measure is too costly and too difficult for bar owners to comply.

"They're looking at closing down and laying off people. I think a lot of business owners are devasted. That's about the best I can describe the feeling out in the street," she said.

Councilman Glenn Friend agrees. He supports exempting all bars from the ban.

"I think we should pass an ordinance that protects those who want to be protected. And give some freedom to smokers," Friendt said.

But some on the council support the ban.

"People are dying from second hand smoke. I think people's lives are shortened from second hand smoke. And I think the government, the city needs to have some sort of intervention because the market is not protecting these people," said Terry Werner.

A vote is scheduled for this Monday.