Tire Disposal

New rules regarding tire disposal in the state have come to a screeching halt.

The state's Environmental Quality Department drafted amendments to comply with a bill the Legislature passed in June. But the group that oversees the department, the Environmental Quality Council, will take more time to consider the changes after listening to testimony from tire industry officials, farmers and others during a public hearing Friday in Lincoln.

At issue is an amendment that would allow people to store up to 500 tires; compared to the 100 they are now allowed to store.

Jim Gerking of Brock said the higher limit would encourage the proliferation of West Nile virus. Mosquitoes, which carry the virus, breed in the standing water in tires.

But David Haldeman of the state's Waste Management Division says the change is an improvement because it calls for scrap tires to be recycled within a year. The law now gives a recycler an indefinite amount of time.