Dummy Decoration

Tires squeal to a halt and people run in Gibbon, only to find out that they were worried over nothing. They are all duped by one household's Christmas decoration.

More than 10 years ago, George and Kathy Pierce decided putting up lights at Christmas was too time consuming. Instead, they've hung a dummy from their gutter and tipped a ladder over underneath it. The dummy is made of styrofoam peanuts, plastic bags and some of George's old work clothes.

About two times a day, the Pierce's can see a concerned passerby stop their car or run to the house, trying to save the dummy from falling. Last year, a Buffalo County Sheriff's Deputy even called the dangling dummy in over the radio before he realized what it really was.

Kathy Pierce says she is really surprised at how many people are concerned about the dummy hanging from the house. She thinks it shows how caring people are when they try to save him.

George is worried no one would help him if he actually did fall from his roof at some point, so he is extra careful when using his ladder.