Live Nativity Scene

For 17 years, the Trinity United Methodist church has performed a live version of the birth of Christ. They use live animals and actors to create a more hands on learning experience for the people who come to see the performance.

Associate Pastor Onamae Waddell says it has become a tradition for many families. They start as angels and shepards in the manger scene as children and move on to the roles of Joseph, Mary and the kings when they become adults.

Different animals are used every year in the scene. This year had three sheep and a horse. In the past they have used llamas and donkeys.

Waddell says she enjoys seeing families come together while watching the manger scene.

When the performance first started 17 years ago, it was performed outside in the cold. They moved the entire set into the Big Red Barn at Fonner Park.

Four different groups of actors are used. Each performance can have from 15 to 20 different people in it.